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Scalp Restore

Scalp problems? Show your scalp some love and transform sluggish, dry, flaky and oily scalps Scalp Scrub! Packed with natural exfoliants from super fruit enzymes and micro grains of natural walnut shell, this 97% natural clinically proven* formula removes dead skin cells, bacteria and excess oils to prevent flakes and restore a clear and healthy scalp. 


*Piroctone olamine has been clinically proven to remove dandruff and leave a flake free scalp.

Scalp Restore (5)

Scalp Restore Scalp Reviving Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


Scalp Restore Scalp Reviving Anti-Dandruff Conditioner


Scalp Scrub Exfoliating Anti-Dandruff Treatment


Scalp Restore Shampoo & Conditioner Duo


Scalp Rescue Kit