Our brand is a love story…
…and we are going to make you fall in love with your hair

First of all, lets tell you about the incredible Umberto…
“Hair should be free to move, following the natural texture, a good hairdresser works with this movement and maximises it. This type of haircut will grow out beautifully, look good on bad hair days and just feel ‘right’.”
Umberto Giannini

In the high style 1990’s Umberto brought a new natural movement to hairdressing and won the awards to prove it. The youngest ever British Hairdresser of they Year (still!), tv presenter and celebrity stylist, not to mention revolutionising the curly hair market with his partner and co-founder Claire.

Claire Shread
What happens when you bring a world class hairdresser and a (femininist, environmentalist, curly haired!) artist together?
World Class haircare made with insight, expertise and love.
Did you know
Our best-selling Curl Jelly was created specifically for Claire’s curls!

We’re styling our way to a hair-love mission that celebrates real women

Check out our ad campaign from 1998 and see how we have been speaking to women in a unique way from the very beginning.

Our brand isn’t about him, or them, or us. It’s about you. We want you to love doing your hair, and we want to give you the ideas and the products that make your hair better. Even on bad hair days.
We want to give you the feeling that makes you want to…

… go do your hair right now

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