This is how you fix dry and brittle hair

How To Fix Dry And Brittle Hair - Umberto Giannini

Dry and brittle hair is the bane of winter. You’re not alone if your hair is losing its lustre. It happens to pretty much everyone as the weather gets colder and the heating comes on. If you’re a curl girl whose hair is dry and brittle this winter - we feel you.

So, how do you know if your hair is dry? Well, if you’re in the shower and your hair is absorbing moisture rather than replacing it, that’s an indication that your hair is in desperate need of some H2O. It also might feel rough, and even break if you gently tug on it. All that points to dry and brittle hair.

Sound like you? The good news is that we’re sharing our tips on how to fix it! Here is what you can do to combat dry and brittle hair. 

Get regular haircuts

The rumours are true: regular haircuts and trims does wonders for your hair health. Split ends are usually the culprit, so getting them cut every 2-3 months will instantly get rid of the damage and keep your hair healthy once more. For bouncy curls, regular trims are a must.

The same is true about growing your hair. So even if you’re in the middle of trying to grow out your fringe, the same thing applies. Trust us - your hair will thank you.

Protect your hair

You wouldn’t go outside in the winter without a coat on, so why would expect the same from your hair? Protection is key to banishing dry and brittle hair.

There are two kinds of protection: heat-proof and elements. If you frequently use a styling tool or a hair dryer, you’ll need to invest in a heat protectant spray. We’re biased but we’re partial to this one. It has built-in heat protection to seal the hair cuticle and create a lightweight shield on every strand, as well as repel moisture and banish frizz.

To weather-proof those beautiful curls, we have our vegan finishing cream. Let’s be real: British weather is not kind to curly hair, especially in the winter. So we created this to keep curls in tact, even when it pours. It’s lightweight with a little bit of flexible hold to keep everything in place.

Lay off the styling for dry and brittle hair - Umberto Giannini

Easy on the styling

Excessive styling can lead to dry and brittle hair, as well as make it difficult to retain natural curls. Still love a little bit of style? That’s ok, just be sure to use the right products. Alongside a heat protectant spray, you need to use creams and gels that have hydrating ingredients.

Sulphates dry out your hair, as they strip your follicles of natural oils. Avoid products that use sulphates if you can. 

Instead, opt for products that are rich in vitamins and healthy oils. Our best-selling Curl Jelly is sulphate and silicone free. Whatever your curls throw at you on a daily basis will now be in your control with this miracle product.

Our More Than Moisture Cream contains shea butter, argan oil, and coconut oil, and no parabens or sulphates. It’s been designed feed, moisturise, protect and de-frizz naturally curly and super curly hair. Plus, like all Umberto Giannini products, it’s completely vegan!

Tailor shampoos and conditioners to your hair

Everyone's hair is different. And sometimes, if you think your curly hair is losing its fixed shape, it's not enough to use the same old products. 

Shampoo cleans the hair, but it also does much more. Not only should you find the right shampoo for your hair type, but depending on the condition, you might need to switch it up.

Dry and brittle hair is begging for moisture, so using a shampoo and conditioner that contain coconut and almond oils should help. Using a hair mask instead of conditioner can also feed your hair the moisture it’s dying for.

Eat a healthy diet to fix dry and brittle hair - Umberto Giannini

Maintain a balanced diet

We all know that eating healthy is good for you, good for you body, and delicious. But we also know it’s sometimes really hard to put down the chocolate and resist Deliveroos. 

But, ultimately, what you eat affects what your hair looks like. For luscious locks, you need to eat a diet rich in protein and vitamins. 

Hair is made up of a protein called keratin, so make sure you have a protein-rich diet with foods like lentils, chickpeas, and tofu. 

Vitamin D is also key to promoting a healthy scalp. Mushrooms are a really good source of Vitamin D for vegans. Also be sure to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, particularly blueberries, spinach and kale which provide antioxidants and strengthens the blood vessels supplying nutrients to the hair follicle.

Don't get too hot under the collar

No one likes walking around with wet hair, especially in the freezing cold temps known as ‘winter in Britain.’ But nobody likes dry and brittle hair either, so sometimes you need to pick and choose your battles.

The good news is you don’t have to give up your hair dryer completely. Don’t use it on full-blast. This will just anger your curls as well as dry them out. Use a hair dryer on a low-medium temperature at a little bit slower speed. This is mimics a more “natural” way to dry it out.

If you want your curly hair to maintain its bouncy shape, you can also use a diffuser which will distribute the heat evenly. As an added tip, don't leave your head bone-dry. Just get the majority of the water out before letting the rest of it dry naturally.

Sleep on a silk pillowcase to fix dry and brittle hair - Umberto Giannini

Finding the right pillowcase

Pillowcases made from smoother materials help to reduce hair breakage. Cotton sucks the moisture out of your hair, so treat yourself to silk or satin sheets. This should help your hair to breathe and keep it from getting dry and falling out.

Cut back on the combing

Brushing hair can be very therapeutic, but it actually can lead to more breakage. So invest in a wide-tooth comb for wet hair, as they work better for detangling. This set comes with a wooden comb designed for stress-free detangling, as well as a moisturizing hair mask that prevents breakage, banishes frizz, smooths lengths, adds strength and shine with built in anti-pollution to protect your hair from damaging environmental factors. 

Whatever you need, Umberto Giannini have got you covered. Our products are all vegan and cruelty-free, and created specially for curly hair. Whether you want to banish frizz, take control of your curls, or add some much-needed moisture, we’re here to help.

So, if you’re a curl girl trying to fight the harsh winter conditions, following these tips will help. They’ll have you saying dry and brittle hair? Don’t know her.

Check out our favourite winter hair products here.

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