All Umberto Giannini products are vegan and cruelty-free, this is our belief and always has been, no animals should be harmed in the name of beauty. We make award winning products for every hair type, we’re famous for celebrating natural curls and obsessed with creating ingenious new formulas to help you love your hair. Award winning salons & haircare since 1988. Mindfully-made in the UK.
“Styling our way to a vegan hair-love mission that celebrates real women.” - Umberto Giannini 




Vegan and cruelty-free...since the beginning

Vegan means no animal or animal derived ingredients such as milk, wool or beeswax. Being cruelty-free means that none of the ingredients in the product or the product itself has been tested on animals and that the brand is not sold in any territories that practice animal testing on beauty products.

And that's why we make vegan and cruelty-free haircare, not because it's a trend but because we believe that no animal should be harmed in the name of beauty.

Mindfully Made

We make mindfully-made products and love nothing more than giving confidence and happiness through the power of beauty.

We love beauty but know it’s only skin deep, so we think it’s important when you buy a bottle of Umberto Giannini that you know what’s in it and how it’s been made. We test every product in our salons, obsess about every detail of look and feel in our in-house design studios and only ever make products that are vegan and cruelty-free.

No.1 products for curls 

We give everyone with curls the power to love their hair with salon worth products that understand no two curls are created equal. And because of this, we are loved by curls all over the world. 

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