That Curl About Town

If you’re curly by nature, then frizz and flop are no strangers to your daily. Enter a curly care routine that will enhance and define natural wave patterns, banish frizz and add shine - with a moisturised weather proof finish and not a hint of crunch:

1. Start with towel dried hair

Tip: Curly hair is better squeezed or twisted dry with a towel as rubbing causes tangles and frizz

2. Apply Curl Jelly Scrunching Jelly evenly from mid lengths to ends

3. Scrunch dry with a diffuser or leave to air dry

Tip: Add volume by scrunching with your head upside down

Add definition by twirling each lock into a spiral

Add root lift by scrunching at roots with your fingers

4. Once hair is damp or dry, target frizz-prone areas and smooth on Weather Proof Curls Finishing Cream

5. Keep Weather Proof Curls in your bag for day-to-overnight touch ups


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