Go green with Umberto Giannini: why vegan hair care is so important

Vegan Hair Care & Cruelty-Free Hair Care

While many people associate going vegan with not eating meat and cheese, there’s also a huge push for vegan beauty products.

Vegan hair care has come a long way since its early days. There are more reasons to give it a go now than ever before. Who doesn't want to save the earth, and have the best hair of their life while doing so? 

If you're wondering what the big deal is about vegan hair care, or if you're considering making the switch yourself, we’ve got you.

It’s time to discover why going vegan is a great way to feel good and look great, all while doing your bit for the planet.


What does vegan hair care mean?

Veganism is far more than just a food trend. It's an entirely different way of life. 

More and more people are using vegan products in their everyday life, from their wardrobe to their skincare. And, as a result, there’s never been a better time to be vegan. There are more vegan and cruelty-free products now than ever before.

There are more nasties in your hair care products than you realise. Animal derivatives — like keratin, collagen and glycerin — are common in many hair brands. And many people don’t realise that these aren’t vegan at all.

Many brands are also going down the cruelty-free route. While it’s a great step, cruelty-free isn’t the same as vegan.

Simply put, cruelty-free means that they don’t test on animals. The company may still use ingredients from animals, like honey or beeswax, or they might sell in places where testing on animals is okay.

Using vegan hair care not only ensures that the products are cruelty-free, but also that there are no animal products.

In most cases, vegan products use natural and organic ingredients instead. Though sometimes, products labelled vegan can be full of lots of chemicals instead.


The benefits of using vegan hair care

Typically, vegan hair products are less harsh and better suited to promoting healthy hair.

There are so many reasons why going vegan can be beneficial for your hair — not only in how it looks and feels, but also how it makes you feel.

Vegan beauty and hair products have the benefit of providing amazing results without the guilt that non-vegan products offer. They do an amazing job while being kinder to the planet.

Going vegan with your hair care doesn't have to mean letting go of all your favourites. In fact, some of the best products around are 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Vegan products also tend to be filled with nourishing, natural ingredients that offer shinier, healthier and better-managed hair in a way artificial hair care can’t. So, when it comes to picking those new hair products, it's a no-brainer to reach for the vegan option.


How switching to vegan hair products can change the planet

Vegan products can be just as helpful to the earth as they are to our tresses. And now, more than ever, we need to look after the planet.

So, how can what we put on our heads affect the state of the planet, exactly? It's simple.

One of the biggest causes of rainforest destruction and pollution is the animal farming industry, meaning that all products that are made from animal materials are directly contributing to that destruction.

Switching to vegan products can reduce the requirement for specific resources from animals. Many brands are also now embracing the organic and natural side of hair care, meaning fewer nasty chemicals and materials that are bad for the environment are going down the drain with each hair wash or bath.

If you can help the planet, and still have your hair looking on-point with great vegan products, why wouldn't you?


Things to consider when using vegan products

Always check the label before buying. Most vegan products have a should have certified vegan green-leaf label. They should also have a cruelty-free badge. If it’s missing, don’t hesitate to contact the company.

Also get to know your ingredients. Companies disguise things using different names. Lanolin, for example, is derived from sheep’s wool. Shellac is known for locking in hair colour and making it glossy, but it’s made from thousands of lac insects. Not so great, huh?

So do your research, and always check before buying. 


Umberto Giannini’s vegan policy: 

Each and every one of our products are vegan and cruelty-free, and always has been.

Real beauty and empowerment should not be harmful in any way. We never use animal-derived ingredients in our products and are always looking for the most planet-friendly ways to make quality hair care products that we can be proud of. We don’t believe that animals should be harmed for a flick of mascara or a spritz of hairspray.

It doesn’t cost any more to care about the treatment of animals - and to show you care by only buying vegan and cruelty-free products. We think this makes you as beautiful inside as out.

A product doesn’t have to contain animal-derived ingredients to perform well - in fact, we find the opposite. We use the power of nature and other ingredients in our formula. And our products come without the hefty price tag.

The vegan ingredients that we’ve bottled up to make up our unique formulas enhance, replenish, manage and breathe life to all hair types.

Looking for volume? We've got you covered. Want smooth and sleek locks? Got that, too. Need to look after your beautiful coily curls? Not a problem. Want a vegan hair dye? Look no further.

Here at Umberto Giannini, we celebrate the real you and your natural beauty. We've got it all for every hair type – and we've got it vegan.

Start loving your hair. View the entire range, all 100% vegan and cruelty-free, including vegan shampoo, conditioner and hair styling products. Get your best hair day, today.

Find your new favourite vegan hair product here.


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