Are you making these hair conditioning mistakes?

This how to condition your hair - Umberto Giannini


Picture this: you just left the salon and your hair has never been bouncier. But a few days later, your new ‘do starts looking a little lifeless. Why? It could all be down to how you condition your hair. 

A lot of these issues start in the shower. It's possible to make hair conditioning mistakes without even realising it, which is why we’re sharing some common hair conditioner problems and how to solve them to help you keep your tresses looking luscious and healthy.


Washing your hair conditioner out immediately

Even if your life is a constant rush, that shouldn't be an excuse to wash your hair conditioner out immediately. Leave it in for three to five minutes so it can soak in and keep hair soft and healthy. Don’t overdo it, though. Any more than 5 minutes can leave fine hair looking greasy.


Not using it at all

Do you use a moisturiser on your face? We’re guessing you do, so you know the importance of replenishing natural oils. The same rules apply for hair. Conditioner keeps your hair hydrated and protected from damage. Skipping out on this important part of hair care will make it more fragile.


Too much conditioner

On the other hand, you might be using too much conditioner. Remember that less is always more. While too little will lead to dry hair, too much can cause build up and make it look lifeless and heavy. How much you use depends on the length of your hair, but a good rule of thumb is about the size of two blueberries.


Not using leave-in conditioner

Another thing you need to know about how to condition your hair is the importance of leave-in conditioner. It provides a little bit of extra hydration between washes. If you dye or heat style your hair a lot then this is a great hair conditioning method.

Not deep conditioning

Sometimes regular conditioner isn't going to do the trick. This is where deep conditioners like hair masks can work their magic. You only need to do this once a week because these are much more powerful. These should be directly applied to the mid-shafts or ends of your hair.

Knowing how to prevent these common hair conditioning mistakes are important. So is knowing what hair conditioner works best for your hair. We can help out with that. Shop our products to find a conditioner that will do wonders for your hair whether it’s natural curls, wavy or straight.

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