5 ways to embrace your curly hair

Embrace Your Curls With Umberto Giannini

Here at Umberto Giannini, we believe that you should embrace your curly hair. We want every woman to love their natural curls.

We also know that the struggle is real when it comes to keeping curls under control. Busy mornings, long working hours, and even not really knowing how to care for your curls can be a challenge.

We all have bad hair days, but the good news is that we can help you to fall in love with your curly hair again. Below we explore five ways you can embrace your natural curls.

The importance of the right cut

If you're struggling to embrace your curly hair, going back to basics might help. This means getting a new 'do to showcase your curls.

It's important to remember that curly hair requires a completely different style of cutting. So, you need to choose your hairstylist with care.

There are so many cool styles for curly girls. You don't need to stick to the "norms" - go for choppy layers, blunt bobs, or full fringes if you feel like it. Find the right cut for you and you'll begin that journey to loving your curls again.

Regular trims can also help to prevent any split ends and unwanted frizz. A great cut will showcase those beautiful curls, enabling you to care for them in an easy way. The right haircut will also boost your confidence and you will want to show everyone just how amazing it is to have curly hair.

Don't fight it

It's not only a great cut that can help you embrace your curly hair. It's important that the change comes from within you. You need to work with the hair that you have, don't fight it.

If you love to straighten your hair, take a break and set those curls free. Also make time to experiment with your hair. Watch YouTube tutorials, scroll through Instagram, and see what your favourite curly haired celebs are doing.

Invite friends round for the evening and share ideas and try different styles. Keep telling yourself that those natural curls are amazing. There are many women out there with straight hair who would kill for your curls.

Embrace Your Curly Hair With Our Curl Range - Umberto Giannini

Be sure to use the right products

One huge step in helping you to embrace those curls is using the correct products on your hair. Textured and curly hair craves hydration, so use products that are rich in moisture and hydrating properties to help you manage your curls more easily.

When you're a curly-haired girl it's so important that you embrace the use of hair masks and treatments. Using a hair mask (we like this Flowerology one) once a week will help you to drench your curls in moisture, preventing it from drying out and stopping that dreaded frizzy hair look.

It's also important to use the correct products when styling your hair. If you prefer your curls to have a little shine and extra bounce, we can help.

Our Original Curl range is full of bestselling must-haves to weatherproof and enhance curls — and it's vegan and cruelty free. Curl Jelly is our number one best seller for over a decade. It's a must for daily curl management. Whatever your curls throw at you — be it frizz or floppiness, Curl Jelly can help.

We also have our Coily Curl range, designed specifically for natural and super curls.

How to 'wash' your hair

Every girl with curly hair knows the struggle when it comes to washing their hair. It takes time, love and care to wash curly hair. This is enough to make you fall out of love with your hair, but don't let that happen.

The golden hair washing rule here is that you don't need to wash your hair every day. It's extra effort, it's not really needed, and most importantly, frequent washing can actually cause more damage.

Curly hair tends to be on the drier side and washing strips the hair of its natural oils and moisture. Contradictory, we know, but it's true. It is also far easier to style unwashed hair.

You only need to shampoo your hair once a week, but make sure it is a nourishing shampoo that is specifically designed for curly hair.

More importantly, you need to use a deep moisturising conditioner, again one designed for curly hair. Opt for conditioners that you can comb through and be left on for at least 15 minutes before rinsing off. When your hair is moisturised and healthy it makes it so much easier to manage, and you'll no longer dread washing your hair.

Umberto Giannini - Embrace Your Curly Hair

Styling your hair

When it comes to styling your hair, you want something that is very simple and easy to achieve. When styling your hair becomes hassle-free, you'll soon love to embrace those curls.

So, how do you create easy to manage styles on those busy mornings? Well, one way is by using a product like mousse to do all the hard work for you. Just add a dollop of mouse to your hand and scrunch into damp hair. Then say hello to bouncy, salon-quality hair.

Another tip to help you tame those curls is to master a simple up do. This is great when you are in a rush. Here's how to do it. Tip your head down and add a ten pence piece amount of moisturiser to the ends and mid section of your hair. Then tie your hair up in a simple top knot, allowing your curls to fall loosely from the knot. Your hair is off your face, but you can still see those fabulous curls. You can see more of our styles and hair tips here.

Here at Umberto Giannini, we have an exciting range of products to help you embrace your curly hair. All our products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. We love nothing more than giving confidence and happiness through the power of beauty, and we'd love for you to embrace your curls.

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