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We are styling our way to a vegan hair-love mission that celebrates real women.

Umberto Giannini was established in 1990 by award winning British hairdresser Umberto Giannini who cut through the overworked, try-hard hairstyling of the time to deliver a new natural ‘undone’ look. From this award winning salon heritage, Umberto and his partner Claire, an artist and lifelong vegan, launched the first UG product range in 1998 with a fresh new take on what it means to be beautiful using only real women in their adverts.

Today all of our products are tested in our salons and by our community of real women who tell us how we’re doing and what they want to see next from us, it’s a relationship at the core of our brand.

We are vegan and cruelty-free.

Vegan means no... Animal or animal derived ingredients such as milk, wool or beeswax common in most other brands haircare products. Being cruelty-free means that none of the ingredients in the product or the product itself has been tested on animals and that the brand is not sold in any territories that practice animal testing on beauty products.

And thats why we make Vegan and Cruelty-Free haircare, not because it's a trend but because we believe that no animal should be harmed for a spritz of hairspray or a flick of mascara!

100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free across 100% of the UG range since the beginning.

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We are UGiving.

We believe in putting people and planet before profits. We are passionate about supporting the causes we believe in, giving back to those less fortunate and doing business with good people who share our values.
We are on a mission to help women feel their best. Sadly, there are many who do not have this opportunity. We believe that having access to hygiene and care products should be a basic human right, which is why 'UGiving' is so important to us.

We continue to support those vital organisations that we hold close to our hearts, such as human rights organisations, beauty banks, environmental groups, women’s refuges, and animal charities amongst many others. We give 1% of our annual net revenue to support non profit charitable organisations.

All UG employees get extra time off to support their personal charities

We are #womanmade.

We make amazing beauty products that work for every hair type, celebrating curls, demonstrating diversity and sharing our passion and knowledge with all. We are a woman- led, all-female team and we talk girlfriend to girlfriend.

Female co-founder

100% of management team are women 85% of salons team are women

Supportive work environment